The Leap to SensePost

Almost a few months into my new position as a senior analyst for SensePost, and things are great.
Moving from a corporate back to a smaller company gave me sensations of dejavu.
This is almost certainly due to my previous experience of not only moving from a small company to a corporate, but relocating to another (busier) region of the country.

It's surprizing how different pentesting on a per-project basis is, when compared to pentesting as a dedicated resource to a global security team within a corporate.
Although you are dedicated to a single project at any time, projects run for only a few days.
This change is refreshing nonetheless.

It's not surprizing however that no matter what policies and procedures govern your position / role, job satisfaction depends almost entirely on the people surrounding you.
Having said this, I feel extremely fortunate in that each time I left a great bunch of guys at my old job, I was met by another great bunch of guys at the new one.
The SensePost gang accepted me with open arms even though I rebeled against the iFans, and stood proudly by my Gentoo ways.
Additionally, the guys do their best to help me unleash my foosball and pool skillz.

In all, my only regret is that I did not join SensePose earlier as upon my entrance, I discovered that one of the IT security greats, Haroon Meer, would soon be departing in order to persue his own goals.
After almost a decade at SensePost, it is understandable that Haroon would need change in order to explore other opportunities.
Like the rest of the SensePost team, I wish him all the best with his new venture Thinkst.
Haroon's farewell (to SensePost) post can be found here.

In my new position, I will continue to deliver pwnage in order to lead the vulnerable to a MORE than adequate level of security.