The Sleeping Bug (re)Awakens

The Sleeping Bug (re)Awakens
Credit: avi_acl

With close onto five years of an idling blog, it's fair to say that I'd easily win the blog-version of IdleRPG if pitted against my friends like singe.

For far too long, I've allowed the chaos of life to glue-down many of my thoughts as mere drafts on this blog... if they ever even make it to that stage!

Other times, it's somewhat saddening to see how much the information security industry has grown up. Especially when there's a growing number of younger hackers that possess good working knowledge of pwning but fail to know anything about the "old school" and its associated culture.

Fortunately, there are still veterans who are attempting to rectify that issue.

Lastly, while I may just be following the natural course of getting older + uglier + grumpier, I'll always enjoy getting paid to play within the world of the electron and the switch.