Remmina's Keyboard Layout Segfaults

Remmina's Keyboard Layout Segfaults

Being South African, it has always been natural for me to choose the ZA keyboard layout along with other ZA localisation options.

However, for a number of years, my remmina experience has been haunted by a weird segfault issue related to my chosen keyboard layout - ZA.

Since this issue doesn't look like its going away, and because I'm tired of always misplacing my notes related to this issue, I figured I'd drop the fix here so others may benefit from it as well.

There are at least two bug reports for this specific segfaulting issue. Strange enough, the majority of affected users also appear to be South African as well.

Often, the recommended fix has been for the user to change the keyboard layout to something more acceptable like US.

However, an alternative to this is to make a simple two-line change to the affected user's remmina preferences file usually located at ~/.remmina/remmina.pref.

To disable use of the client's current keymap:

And, to change the RDP keyboard layout to 'US':

Since no reboot is necessary, you can simply re-run the remmina command and continue with your work.