Folding@Home 100k Points

Having recently updated / replaced my home network with new hardware, I felt it would be best to donate the 'extra' power to something useful.

The led to a renewed interest in my old folding@home team, which I created after getting tired of continously changing folding teams (and thus losing my folding history).

I installed the FAH client onto most of my boxen - all being pretty much average systems.

After a few weeks of 24/7 processing, I have finally reached the 100k points milestone on a previously unused profile (which only had about 23 work units).

100k points for Junaid Loonat

Boxen used for folding are as follows:

  • 3x Intel Celeron E3200 (with 4GB RAM)
  • 1x AMD Sempron 140 (with 2GB RAM)
  • 1x Intel Centrino 1.6GHz (with 2GB RAM)
  • (Occasionally) 1x Intel Core2Duo T9600 (with 4GB RAM)

At present, I don't do any GPU folding.

Although I am considering making the investment into some good GPU hardware, my purchase would only be for GPU programming and not folding.